MEG-STAR International handed with SWISS TIME to unveil the world’s first VIP club with million-worth watch gallery

Meg-Star International and Switzerland SWISS TIME held an “Inauguration of Global Partnership” yesterday at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in City of Dreams in Macau. It also unveiled the world’s first top watch themed VIP club of Meg-Star at the gaming resort.  Thousands of celebrities from society were invited to the scene. Joe Sit, Vice President of Meg-Star International Marketing Department, and Pitt Wong, President of Asia Pacific Region at SWISS TIME, attended the ceremony as the main guest representatives of both companies.


Designed by top designers, the new VIP Club of Meg-Star International is located on the second floor of the Nüwa Hotel in City of Dreams Macau. The opening is Meg-Star’s sixth VIP club in Macau, following the opening of Meg-Star Lian Sheng VIP Club at Wynn Macau.  It is the world’s first VIP Club with the theme of top-level watches and will continue to present the guests with a rare global presence of watch collections of Swiss fashion and watch culture.


The Swiss Time Group is committed to serving high-net-worth individuals. Its business covers all aspects of watch collection, appreciation, trading, top-level clubs and private wealth management. The SWISS TIME, which gathers the world’s top watch collectors, focuses on the watch trading platform and the watch club business. Its membership is limited to circulation, and the world’s only more than 5,000 political and business celebrities have become members.


SWISS TIME surprised the audience with hundreds-of-million-worth watches in the gala dinner hosted at the Grand Hyatt ballroom. The watches on display are all limited editions worldwide. The exhibition list includes multiple international brands such as Patek Philippe, Rolex, Richard Mille, Hublot, Roger Dubuis, Jaquet-Droz, and Jacob & Co.


It is understood that the top-level watch combination this time, whether in terms of quantity, luxury, rareness, or completeness of the series, has set a record for exhibitions across Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China.

At the end of the dinner, the presence of famous Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang surprised the audience. She intimately interacted with the guests and gave a perfect live performance that brought the dinner to end with cheers.


Meg-Star International and SWISS TIME officially reached a diversified strategic cooperation, including but not limited to appreciation and exchanges of ideas and cultures of top-level watches, as well as sharing of entertainment resources.  In future, the two companies will seek a strong cooperation between brands, to form a better integration of Swiss top-level watch culture with Macao’s unique culture, at the same time to form a global integrated service system for high-end markets, new VIP clubs in distinctive tastes and high-quality watch culture, and to attract consumption of high-net-worth people worldwide.


The cooperation between the two companies, Meg-Star International and the Swiss Group SWISS TIME, marked a new milestone in global development.  This inauguration is a solid and important step towards a new definition of high-end entertainment experience in Macau.