Meg-Star International held the inauguration ceremony to unveil the new VIP Club at The Venetian Macao yesterday. Hundreds of celebrities from society were invited to the scene. Chairman Thomas Pang, CEO Ben Leong and Brand Ambassador Cheung Chi Lam of Meg-Star Group, as well as representatives of The Venetian Macao attended the ceremony as the main guests for inauguration.


Just after the opening of Altira Macau Meg-Star VIP Club in August this year, the new VIP Club at The Venetian Macao is the eighth flag ship club of Meg-Star International.  It is the largest VIP Club of Meg-Star in the world, with an area of over 2,311 square meters.


Different from past VIP clubs, The Venetian Macao Meg-Star VIP Club is the most massive entertainment complex featuring 5 VIP salons with massage chairs and exclusive dining facilities, added with spacious foot massage and spa facilities offering a wide range of therapeutic massages or luxury facial and experience, delivered by highly attentive professional therapists.  Other details include carefully managed room temperature and USB chargers under a total of 14 gaming tables. Guests can fully immerse in the search for all kinds of excitement and total relaxation.


Meg-Star Group CEO Ben Leong said in the gala dinner that the success of Meg-Star today relies on the joint efforts of more than 1,300 employees worldwide. The Group also attaches great importance to the training of its employees and will continue providing better services to its guests.


Meg-Star International is a premier entertainment service provider based in Macau, dedicated to delivering VIPs opulent and incomparable entertainment experience, and a wide range of custom-made services.  With its solid strength, the Company has successfully entered Macau’s major resort hotels, and has expanded its international business to overseas markets.  Meg-Star International relies on its “customer first” professional services to earn the trust of global VIPs and continuously incorporates the latest technology to create the perfect VIP entertainment experience.